Monday, November 13, 2006

A Hero's Farewell

All too often in the world today we forget how we came to be a free and prosperous society. We no longer pause to think and reflect on the men and women who gave of themselves, body, soul and life to give us everything we have today. How is it that with all the war, crime and hate that exists today, we dont realize that history is repeating itself. It seems as though all those who died, did so in vain.

And if they did, what is to become of us? Are we to create the exact world they died trying to prevent? Can anyone really say that they would be willing to die for a cause as noble as peace? The answer is plain and simple: NO. The reason is simple enough, no one cares anymore. We bury our heads, oblivious to everything around us. Generations ago people gave a damn enough to stand up and unite as a country to protect freedom. The leaders of nations collaborated together to fight for what was right. Those who died for our sake have earned the right to call themselves heros.

Unfortunately, these heros are quickly fading into the sunset, their passion and dedication a distant memory. It is heartbreaking to see them gather every year on Remembrance day and know what is happening all over the world. Men and women who's strength has deserted them, making them reliant on people who have no idea the sacrifice they made.

We all know should know the sacrifice those men and women made. And on every day of the year, should acknowledge it, not just one. Remember them for who they were, who they are and what they did for us. Give them what they have earned. A hero's farewell.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006


What is it that pushes us to achieve our dreams? Is it the knowledge that in reazlizing them we might find happiness? Satisfaction? Maybe a sense of fulfillment? Or is that we are born with a certain element inside us, that gives us the motivation to carry on? Whether it be one,or a combination of factors, it all come down to one basic source:

Because without inspiration, we as a scoiety, as a people, as a collective whole would be nothing. Would all that we, as human beings, have achieved over our short course of existence be possible without something to inspire us? Where would the motivation lie? If not for the inspired minds of many over history, nothing that is here today would exist. Civilization stands as a testament to all that inspires us.

Inspiration is all around us. It could be the one we love and cherish. It could the lyrics in a song. It could be as simple as a sunset. Where it comes from is not of great importance. What is however, is the emotion it stirs in our hearts and souls. The strength and resolve it emboldens us with. It is the passion that is born within us to make our dreams real.

Inspiration: it is the relentless pursuit of our hearts burning desire, that empowers us with the strength to achieve it.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Beauty Within

The hand I will never hold.
The cheek I will never caress.
The hair I will never run my hands through.
The lips I will never kiss.

All these things I can never do.
Yet they are but mere consequences.
Because it is what is in your heart and in your mind that I want to touch.

It is the ray of sunshine you have brought to my life.
It is the smile you have put on my face.
It is the song you have put in my mind.
It is the love you have put in my heart.

I will never forget you, or the person you are.
Time will not draw me away from you.
Distance will not separate me from you.
You will be in my heart always.

Because you are beautiful inside and out.
And I am in love with your heart.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dare To Dream

In our hearts exists a world that only we hold a key to unlock.

A world where we can repose in the splendor of true beauty.

In tranquil landscapes we create, we can collect our thoughts.

We do not need to fear reprisal, or dread humiliation.

Some of us only dream about such a place.

But for others the dream can be realized.

In life, there is that place for us all, we just need to look.

It may not appear as in our heart, but we know it is our place.

Do not be afraid to chase your dream.

It is our dreams that inspire reality.

dedicated to Christine.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Do you hear that?
Its the sound of life.
The force which sustains us all.
An element so plain, so simple and yet without it life would cease to exist.


With each passing storm comes the miracle of birth and rebirth.

In each drop dwells the power to heal and regenerate.

To quench and fulfill.

To destroy and reshape.

Its soft sound soothes the soul.

Liberates the mind.

Calms the restless heart.

In a world where time is of the essence, it is taken for granted.

So stop.


Life is falling all around you.

Monday, July 03, 2006

My Paradise

Behold the mountain,
All it's majesty and might.
On it's soaring peaks,
Set your sights.
Pristine and secluded,
The only one here.
On top of the world,
With heaven so near.
The creation of God,
We stand in awe.
A gift so great,
So powerful and raw.
Waste not your time,
Always reach for the high.
So climb your mountain,
And touch the sky.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


The setting sun does not signal the end of one more day in our lives, but delivers the promise of a new day to come. A new day, another chance to leave our imprint on this world. An opportunity to etch our names in the history books, to capture a place among the legendary, almost mythical persons who defined the generations before ours.

We have 2 choices to decide from each day: we can choose to let life slip through our fingertips, never capitalizing when the moment presents itself to capture greatness; or we can rise from the shadow of mediocrtity, and seize the day and make it ours.

No way of doing it can be said to be correct, all that matters is that in the end we can hold our heads up high, proud of our accomplishments, ready for the challenges of a new day, fresh with the possibility to make a difference.

CARPE DIEM, someone once said. SEIZE THE DAY. Live life to its fullest, look back on nothing with regret. And as the sun sets on this day know that you seized it, not let it slip away.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Friend For Life

This life ceases to amaze me. You think that you really know a person. A person that you have talked to a million times, seen an inumerable amount of times and have connected with on so many levels. You take all that, and you can almost safely assume you know what makes them tick, right? Wrong.

Its becoming clear to me that until we reach adulthood, the words we speak to each other as kids dont convey who we truely are. At the time we think they do, but they dont. Not until our personalities are mature to the point that we believe in our own way and consequence, can our words have the power to give us a platform to stand on and proclaim who we are.

It took me a while, but I think Im finally getting a good read. Through mature and deep conversation, I can see a truly magnificent person appearing out of what was a thick fog. I thought I knew you as well as anyone, but I was wrong. I was looking at you through the false pretenses of adolescence. But the more I talk to you these days, the more I come to see the light you posses within.

Your a special person to more people than you can imagine. You have the ability to draw people to yourself with the sincerest intention of good will. You have been my best friend since the day I was born, and no matter the distance or time between us, you can know that my life has been touched by the person you are. And for that i thank you. Remember one thing always:
Dont ever stop being who you are.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Lost Passion

There was a time in my life that it was common place for my dad, my bro and me to just pack up and go camping for a weekend. Other times we would gather up a group of guys and again, off into the bush we would go for a weekend. It seems tragic to me now that all of us have gone our separate ways almost entirely.

I miss the sense of camaraderie, the sense of having not one brother, but 8. It was a time forged, experience hardened bond that all of us shared, and to realize that its almost completely lost through no fault of our own is crushing. We have gone through 10 years of some of the most amazing, breath-taking trips imaginable.
What feeling can measure up to standing at the pinnacle of Gods creation? Of waking up not hearing the dull roar of traffic, dogs barking, sirens wailing, phones ringing, but listening to the sound of lightly falling rain, a flowing stream right beside your head, or birds greeting a fresh mountain morning with a chorus of song? What can compare to being a part of something so vast and powerful, yet so comepletely solitary and unblemished. Experiencing it with 8 brothers standing by your side.

Its finally starting to get to me. I need to recapture those feelings that I have lost. To find solace in being able to head up into God's country with guys who i would trust my life to, and get away from the rat race down below. I had a passion once, and it was camping. But adult life has changed that. Well adult life be damned, I am not going to let this be lost for good. Its time to either blaze the path on my own, or weld new lines of friendship through the love of the outdoors.CAMPING IS MY LIFE AND MY PASSION. WHEN MY LIFE IS OVER, I HOPE NOT TO SIT WITH THE ANGELS AND SAINTS IN HEAVEN, BUT TO WALK THE ENDLESS VALLEYS, HIKE THE STEEPEST MOUTAINS AND SCALE THE HIGHEST PEAKS WITH FRIENDS BUILT OVER A LIFETIME.