Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Lost Passion

There was a time in my life that it was common place for my dad, my bro and me to just pack up and go camping for a weekend. Other times we would gather up a group of guys and again, off into the bush we would go for a weekend. It seems tragic to me now that all of us have gone our separate ways almost entirely.

I miss the sense of camaraderie, the sense of having not one brother, but 8. It was a time forged, experience hardened bond that all of us shared, and to realize that its almost completely lost through no fault of our own is crushing. We have gone through 10 years of some of the most amazing, breath-taking trips imaginable.
What feeling can measure up to standing at the pinnacle of Gods creation? Of waking up not hearing the dull roar of traffic, dogs barking, sirens wailing, phones ringing, but listening to the sound of lightly falling rain, a flowing stream right beside your head, or birds greeting a fresh mountain morning with a chorus of song? What can compare to being a part of something so vast and powerful, yet so comepletely solitary and unblemished. Experiencing it with 8 brothers standing by your side.

Its finally starting to get to me. I need to recapture those feelings that I have lost. To find solace in being able to head up into God's country with guys who i would trust my life to, and get away from the rat race down below. I had a passion once, and it was camping. But adult life has changed that. Well adult life be damned, I am not going to let this be lost for good. Its time to either blaze the path on my own, or weld new lines of friendship through the love of the outdoors.CAMPING IS MY LIFE AND MY PASSION. WHEN MY LIFE IS OVER, I HOPE NOT TO SIT WITH THE ANGELS AND SAINTS IN HEAVEN, BUT TO WALK THE ENDLESS VALLEYS, HIKE THE STEEPEST MOUTAINS AND SCALE THE HIGHEST PEAKS WITH FRIENDS BUILT OVER A LIFETIME.