Sunday, June 25, 2006


The setting sun does not signal the end of one more day in our lives, but delivers the promise of a new day to come. A new day, another chance to leave our imprint on this world. An opportunity to etch our names in the history books, to capture a place among the legendary, almost mythical persons who defined the generations before ours.

We have 2 choices to decide from each day: we can choose to let life slip through our fingertips, never capitalizing when the moment presents itself to capture greatness; or we can rise from the shadow of mediocrtity, and seize the day and make it ours.

No way of doing it can be said to be correct, all that matters is that in the end we can hold our heads up high, proud of our accomplishments, ready for the challenges of a new day, fresh with the possibility to make a difference.

CARPE DIEM, someone once said. SEIZE THE DAY. Live life to its fullest, look back on nothing with regret. And as the sun sets on this day know that you seized it, not let it slip away.

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