Monday, November 13, 2006

A Hero's Farewell

All too often in the world today we forget how we came to be a free and prosperous society. We no longer pause to think and reflect on the men and women who gave of themselves, body, soul and life to give us everything we have today. How is it that with all the war, crime and hate that exists today, we dont realize that history is repeating itself. It seems as though all those who died, did so in vain.

And if they did, what is to become of us? Are we to create the exact world they died trying to prevent? Can anyone really say that they would be willing to die for a cause as noble as peace? The answer is plain and simple: NO. The reason is simple enough, no one cares anymore. We bury our heads, oblivious to everything around us. Generations ago people gave a damn enough to stand up and unite as a country to protect freedom. The leaders of nations collaborated together to fight for what was right. Those who died for our sake have earned the right to call themselves heros.

Unfortunately, these heros are quickly fading into the sunset, their passion and dedication a distant memory. It is heartbreaking to see them gather every year on Remembrance day and know what is happening all over the world. Men and women who's strength has deserted them, making them reliant on people who have no idea the sacrifice they made.

We all know should know the sacrifice those men and women made. And on every day of the year, should acknowledge it, not just one. Remember them for who they were, who they are and what they did for us. Give them what they have earned. A hero's farewell.

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