Thursday, November 02, 2006


What is it that pushes us to achieve our dreams? Is it the knowledge that in reazlizing them we might find happiness? Satisfaction? Maybe a sense of fulfillment? Or is that we are born with a certain element inside us, that gives us the motivation to carry on? Whether it be one,or a combination of factors, it all come down to one basic source:

Because without inspiration, we as a scoiety, as a people, as a collective whole would be nothing. Would all that we, as human beings, have achieved over our short course of existence be possible without something to inspire us? Where would the motivation lie? If not for the inspired minds of many over history, nothing that is here today would exist. Civilization stands as a testament to all that inspires us.

Inspiration is all around us. It could be the one we love and cherish. It could the lyrics in a song. It could be as simple as a sunset. Where it comes from is not of great importance. What is however, is the emotion it stirs in our hearts and souls. The strength and resolve it emboldens us with. It is the passion that is born within us to make our dreams real.

Inspiration: it is the relentless pursuit of our hearts burning desire, that empowers us with the strength to achieve it.

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