Monday, December 17, 2007

Train Wreck To Paradise

I know.
Its the truth though.
Im living in a train wreck to paradise.
Is it good or bad?
It has its moments I suppose.
I do know this however:

The light at the end of the tunnel has never been brighter

Saturday, November 24, 2007


So apparently I've been tagged? I cant honestly say i know what exactly this means, except that im supposed to do something on here... which i guess gives me a reason to update. Personally I always thought tag was a game you played at the park, but I guess this is the way the hip young 'dudes' and 'chicks' do things these days... cant say I approve. Punching someone in the back, yelling 'TAG!! YOUR IT!' and then running for your life is my idea of fun... oh well. Here goes nothing:

Number The First

It is 4-fucking-am. And Im blogging.... I know, I know, you dont need to say it, we both know it. But this is just the way my body does things. Weekdays it doesnt matter if I sleep 15 hours a night, I will not want to get up when its time. Yes, my brain always wakes me up exactly on time and never late, and I have never once in my life needed an alarm clock, but my body refuses to want to listen and leave the bed. Weekends? I am wide awake at 3 in the morning with absolutely no bloody way that my brain will turn off again. So here I am.

Number The Second

My Nonna is on her death bed. And I have not visited her. You can call me selfish, and you would be right. But for the life of me I cannot stand to see a loved one in their dying days. They never look or act the same. And its tragic because it will be that way that I remember them. Sure I will remember all the memories with them, but their state in their last days will be emblazoned in my head forever.
Ciao Nonna, ti ricordaro per sempre.

Number The Third

I did not go camping a single time this year for the first time that I conciously know of in my entire life. And it hurts because camping is my life. Looking back on the past year now I can pretty much tell you the reason was always work. I had to go in make sure we were still on schedule, things were done properly and such. Well bonehead that I am, I forgot that work isnt everything. I was so consumed with having to have my first job as a lone foreman go perfectly, I completely ignored the fact theres life outside of work. As a result I have made a vow to myself that next year will be my greatest camping year ever. Every long weekend from April through to September and weather-permitting October, will be a forray into new and old adventures in the greatest mountains in the world. Your all invited.

Number The Fourth

I spend way, way, way, way ,way............................... way, way, WAY too much money on useless shit. My parents have tried telling me this forever, and my reply was always 'its ok, I know what Im doing.' Well fuck me with a rusty chainsaw. When I crunched some rough numbers the other day I was absolutely stunned. I should have no problem saving thousands of dollars. The scary part is how easily I find a way to spend my money. DVD's, CD's, lunches, dinners, beer, pubs, candy, The Total Gym, clothes etc etc. The list goes on and on, and is quite literally retarded. Theres no way I need to be spending a quarter as much as I do. And so its time I grow the fuck up. No more spending on useless shit. I become thrifty as of yesterday. Its time to pay off my mortgage faster than what the bank tells me.

Number The Fifth

Am I done yet? How many of these little facto-ma-toids do I have to write? My wrist is cramping, my fingers getting sore from hitting all these keys. I havent written this much ever. Blargh.

Number The Sixth

I love you. With all my heart. I know I dont say it out loud enough. And my actions in public are usually more to the effect of you 'come here you little runt, Im gonna give you a noogee.' But I love you. And I know you know it. We talked about it last night at dinner. We both know it from eachother in little subtle ways, and you know what? It works for us. If it didnt we would know how to fix it together. I cant wait for what the future holds for us.
I Love you.

Number The Seventh

I hate Christmas. I hate everything it has become associated with. The presents. The over the top spending. The eating too much, the drinking too much. The commercialization of a RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY. Am I off my fucking rocker or have I just become the grinch with a heart 2 sizes too small? No. Its not me. Its everybody else. We have been brainwashed by corporate bastards who want us to believe that we HAVE to spend on others for Christmas to be Christmas. WRONG!!! Yes it is nice to give presents to loved ones. But why do we need to go to extravagant lengths like we do? Does one present each for a few of the most important people in our lives not suffice? To go to such ends as stress, emotional break down and suffering, bankruptcy for fucks sake. All for a holiday that has lost its true meaning. This year I plan on giving one gift to one person because they mean the world to me. Thats it. The rest of you can expect a 'Merry Christmas' accompanied by either a heartfelt hug or well wishing hand shake. And know that it means more than any overpriced cell phone, tv, dvd player, computer ever could coming from me. I will go to church on Christmas, and try to remember and connect with the true meaning of Christs birth. The rest of you can do as you want. Fall into the trap money- hungry and power mad business men and women have set for you, its your choice. Just remember what it all really means.

Ok Im pretty sure thats it. And if it isnt oh well sue me, I highly doubt more than 2 people will actually bother having read this far. And if in fact you have well then I going to tag:

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    November 11, 2007

    Best birthday ever


    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    What If?



    What.......................... If.......................


    what if?

    ¿WhAt If ?

    I dont know how else to ask it.

    Or how to make it go away.

    Two words.

    Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over......

    They have lost all meaning.

    Yet they mean the world and more.

    The answer they seek, never to be found.

    A secret that fate will lock up and hide from all prying eyes.

    So I am left to keep asking....

    What If?

    Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    And The Multitudes Shall Be Fed.

    Factoid: There is no documentation in history of anyone dying as a direct health related reason from smoking marijuana.

    I found this quite interesting when i read it last night somewhere.

    So driving home today I mulled over reasons as to why pot is illegal.

    And really couldnt come up with a good reason for why it is.

    Smoking cigarettes kills millions every year. Alcoholism coming in a close second.

    And pot? Not one.

    In the world!

    So heres where my mulling led me.

    Could it not be used as a cure for anorexia?

    Think about it.

    Who has never gotten the munchies from smoking pot.

    The doctors examination leads him to a prognosis of anorexia.

    And he puts her on a 3 joint a day rehab treatment.

    To be smoked once every 5 hours before meals (or snack time).

    Why is it we can only see how bad some things are.

    When practicality is pummeling us in the face with a sledgehammer.

    Pot is a gateway drug?

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    But I'd say its a lifesaver too.

    I swear I'm too smart for this world some days.

    Monday, October 08, 2007


    Because Im Dario.

    Monday, October 01, 2007

    Love Is In The Air... Sort Of

    She's in love with me.

    I know it.


    Its in the way she looks at me.

    That longing, pleading look in her eyes.

    How she got all done up for me.

    Her hair a flowing river of red passionate fire.

    Her soft skin brushed ever so slightly to make it perfect.

    Her clothing selected to entice me.

    She got ready to impress me.

    Her gaze follows me everywhere I go.

    All day long, never once leaving me.

    As if she thinks I dont notice her.

    And maybe thats her plan.

    Not to be coy about it.

    But to proclaim her love for me, while never shouting it.

    She may as well though.

    Because I know better.

    And I love her too.

    Shes gorgeous.

    Sorry babe.

    But theres a new woman in my life.

    And she works at a bus stop.

    Saturday, September 15, 2007

    Patience Is A Virtue

    Top 10 Things That Piss Me Off:
    10. Stupid people. No. Stupid, ugly people. No. Stupid, ugly, red headed people.

    9. Waiting in lineups behind the fat East Indian with the heavy b.o. Here in N.A we have deodorant sir.

    8. People, including Italians, who try too hard to be Italian.

    7. Having nothing in the fridge to snack on.

    6. Buying a DVD that looks awesome, only to have it lick my nuts. If I want my nuts licked Ill go pay a hooker.

    5. Sequels and prequels. Nothing like ruining an instant classic with a second and third.

    4. Finding other peoples garbage in the back country. You dumb, lazy shit stabbers.

    3. Working in 30 degrees plus. I live in Vancouver because I like mild weather. Thank you global warming.

    2. Pine beetle infestation. Its destroying our province and we could have stopped it. Once again, thank you global warming.

    So what tops The List?

    1. Any Asian who cant drive... wait... none of them can drive.... Asians.

    Monday, September 03, 2007

    Home Sweet Home

    I'll make no attempt to hide what is the obvious: this post will be completely biased.

    Why do you ask?

    Because in this case bias is fact.

    A recent survey, one of just many, has put Vancouver in first place among the most popular and most livable cities in the world.

    Heres one reason why:
    I realize that every survey is different and not all will put our fair city at the top.

    But it is always in the top 10 or 15.

    Im not going to get into the nightlife, shopping or cultural aspect of things.

    Those never were, arent currently and never will be my fortes.

    Im talking about the scenic and natural aspect.

    Where else in the world are you a 30 minute drive from wilderness so remote and rugged that a wrong move, or bad decision warrants search and rescue?

    So now there are probably many your coming up with.

    In which case Ill throw this at you: Where else do you have the decision whether to go to a beach on the ocean in the morning, followed by hiking in world class mountains in the afternoon?

    Anyone who has read this blog at length, or who has known me to any extent, will know my affinity for nature and especially mountains.

    Well yesterday I went for a hike on Mount Seymour.

    Literally a half hour from Downtown Vancouver.

    I can't explain what it is about this city and its surroundings that makes me feel so strongly for it.

    But when I can stand on the top of a mountain and look down and see my whole city splayed out before me... I can't help but feel this is the only place I will ever feel complete.

    It doesnt matter where I am, or at what particular time.

    There is always something that will catch my eye, and make me love it even more.

    I could not live anywhere else in the world.

    Nowhere comes even remotely close in comparison.

    And if there is a place, keep it to yourself.

    It will only fall on deaf ears.

    Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    Chuck Norris, Eat Your Heart Out


    Thats what your most likely to hear coming out of my mouth on UFC Fight Night. Or any guy for that matter.

    What is it about watching two guys go after each other and kick the living shit out of the other, that arouses such a primal instinct? Fuck thats easy: blood and pain baby!!!

    You dont even need to see the result of this knee to the head. I can tell you right now without having ever seen this fight. Buddy got knocked the fuck out!

    Guys who are in peak physical condition, who have been taught the physics behind their shots. Its no longer wild punches kicks or chokes. The guys have been shown videos, graphics and animations of how to maximize force and accuracy. Its like watching two human tanks go toe to toe for 5 rounds with almost no holds barred. *drool*

    And even if theyre only in it for the money, who cares?! If buddy wants to step in a ring with some other freak of nature lay down take a few round house kicks to the chops. am I goign to feel sorry for him? Fuuuuuuck no!

    For all of us in this world who have more testosterone in our bodies than anything else, you know us manly men (and some women I learned on saturday night) we can take no greater satisfaction than a night of beer, pizza and legal assaults showcased for millions on tv.

    So if you're wondering where I'll be on Saturday night, and what it is I'll be doing you can find me at a local bar or pub or peelers, or any place they sell alcohol and food. And I'll be the guy parked in front of the big screen, with a beer in each hand, sloshed, and yelling ' RIP HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF!!'

    Friday, August 17, 2007


    You can call me biased if you want, because God knows Im racist and overly opinionated as it is. But I firmly believe there is no better feeling than to have an occupation, career or even just a hobby that requires physical exertion. Its a major grind while your doing it, and theres been many times when I've just wanted to walka way from it. If you can attack it with a steel resolve though, I dont think there is a better feeling to be taken from anything out there. To see something youve put your brain, heart, and back into to accomplish take shape and be finished, just gives me such a feeling of pride.

    I have tons of respect for people who work desk and office jobs. If for no other reason than I couldnt do it. But I just finished working a very physically and mentally taxing 50 hour week, not to mention the 5 hours I'll be putting in tomorrow. And Im exhausted, kinda grumpy, and sore. And I wouldnt trade it for anything.

    You have no idea how much better beer tastes after youve been working in the sun for 10 hours and your so thirsty youd drink a rabid dogs piss. Sitting down isnt a requirement but a blessing. Throwing jokes around with co-workers gets even funnier when theres no asshole boss telling you to shut the fuck up and get back to work... even if that asshole boss is me.

    I wont get into more detail than that. But I send and open invitation to anyone who doesnt currently work a construction or trade related job to come to work for one day with me and work beside me. And if at the end of that day you can look me in the eye and tell me you feel no sense of achievement, then Ill concede maybe Im wrong.

    Ill end this with some pictures of just a couple of the sites I have helped put together in the last couple years. I plan on taking pictures from now until I stop working of all my sites. And so:

    Monday, August 13, 2007

    A Penny Saved Is A Penny earned

    Whoever coined that saying was so full of shit, I dont know how to end that thought. My guess is that they were either jewish or brown. Or both.

    Did they not stop to think of the repercussions of their words? How could they not say to themselves 'would some moron with a hair shaver and an assload of time somehow misconstrue these words?"

    I really wish they had. Because I take things to heart. Not all, I mean i never believed in how the Catholic church says not to eat meat on Fridays. As far as im concerned Im pretty sure God has better things to do than worry if the left over animal carcas in my fridge on Thursday gets put in my lunch the next day or not.

    As I was saying though, some things I do take to heart. Like saving money. Yes I throw some of it away a little too easily, but if I can pinch a penny on one side I will. And what better way to save $20 than cut your own hair? It grows back so no fuck up is permanent. Unfortunately the fuck up is still there.

    We all know Im a moron. Its no big secret, and no stupid thing I do should come as a surprise. I bought a new hair trimmer after the old one died. I never once did a horrible job cutting my own hair, but wow I really went for the gold in the retard Olmpics this time.

    It would seem there are some variations between trimmers. And God I hope this is somwhat fixable. Or ya'll can call me Cletus. Hyuck hyuck.