Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sitting Staring Wondering

What does it all mean?
Where do the thoughts come from?
Why do the emotions stir?
When will an answer finally come?

The mind wanders ceaselessly. Ideas to explore. Memories to cherish. Dreams to dream. Questions to ask.

The body is under attack. Is it the weight of life on the shoulders? The burden of expectation on the back? The pressure of responsibility on the knees?

Remembering the good times. Living. Laughing. Loving. Time spent doing nothing. Nothing, and yet accomplishing so much. The recollection of time that brought such strife. Such misery. But from the pain arise moments of shining brilliance.

The fog begins to clear. Through thick, black clouds comes a ray of light. Hope. It is weak, and it is fragile. It is like a new born child. But just as the child will grow and strengthen with love and support, so will that light. So will that hope.

The day will return. A day when the tears will be washed from the face. When the aching body will be healed. When the tired heart will be at rest.

He sits staring out his window. Sits gazing longingly for his home.
Home. Where the heart truly is.
A heart that beats within his chest. The uneasy heart that is not allowed to rest.
When the world around him is desolate and forlorn it is that heart which keeps him on his feet.
On his feet looking forward to the next day.
A new day. One that will bring a fresh beginning.
New ideas. Challenges. Possibilities.
But for now he is just

Sitting. Staring. Wondering.

Thank you Robyn for inspiring me to write this.