Saturday, April 07, 2007

When It All Comes Together

The pieces in a puzzle.
One by one put in place.
Forming an image.
Clearer with each success.
It starts from the outside.
Lay the frame work.
Straight edges.
No chance for error.
Precision guaranteed.
Quick, almost effortless.
Move to the inside.
Where to start.
Turn them all face up.
Categorize by color.
Group distinct markings.
Its starting to make sense.
Connect the simple ones.
Try for a few tough ones.
Getting harder.
Connect to the frame if possible.
It adds support to the structure.
Making it stronger.
And now the picture becomes visible.
Makes finding more pieces easier.
There will always be confusing ones.
Forever there will be times you want to quit.
When it just doesnt seem worth it.
After all its just a puzzle isnt it.
But look at the picture as it takes shape.
Youll realize its now a symbol.
Of something thats never been there before.
Keep adding the pieces furiously.
Faster until there are none left.
And the picture is finally complete.
And you will see it.
Clear with no lines or creases.
When it all comes together:
Its you and me.

Stawamus Chief Beauty