Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chuck Norris, Eat Your Heart Out


Thats what your most likely to hear coming out of my mouth on UFC Fight Night. Or any guy for that matter.

What is it about watching two guys go after each other and kick the living shit out of the other, that arouses such a primal instinct? Fuck thats easy: blood and pain baby!!!

You dont even need to see the result of this knee to the head. I can tell you right now without having ever seen this fight. Buddy got knocked the fuck out!

Guys who are in peak physical condition, who have been taught the physics behind their shots. Its no longer wild punches kicks or chokes. The guys have been shown videos, graphics and animations of how to maximize force and accuracy. Its like watching two human tanks go toe to toe for 5 rounds with almost no holds barred. *drool*

And even if theyre only in it for the money, who cares?! If buddy wants to step in a ring with some other freak of nature lay down take a few round house kicks to the chops. am I goign to feel sorry for him? Fuuuuuuck no!

For all of us in this world who have more testosterone in our bodies than anything else, you know us manly men (and some women I learned on saturday night) we can take no greater satisfaction than a night of beer, pizza and legal assaults showcased for millions on tv.

So if you're wondering where I'll be on Saturday night, and what it is I'll be doing you can find me at a local bar or pub or peelers, or any place they sell alcohol and food. And I'll be the guy parked in front of the big screen, with a beer in each hand, sloshed, and yelling ' RIP HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF!!'

Friday, August 17, 2007


You can call me biased if you want, because God knows Im racist and overly opinionated as it is. But I firmly believe there is no better feeling than to have an occupation, career or even just a hobby that requires physical exertion. Its a major grind while your doing it, and theres been many times when I've just wanted to walka way from it. If you can attack it with a steel resolve though, I dont think there is a better feeling to be taken from anything out there. To see something youve put your brain, heart, and back into to accomplish take shape and be finished, just gives me such a feeling of pride.

I have tons of respect for people who work desk and office jobs. If for no other reason than I couldnt do it. But I just finished working a very physically and mentally taxing 50 hour week, not to mention the 5 hours I'll be putting in tomorrow. And Im exhausted, kinda grumpy, and sore. And I wouldnt trade it for anything.

You have no idea how much better beer tastes after youve been working in the sun for 10 hours and your so thirsty youd drink a rabid dogs piss. Sitting down isnt a requirement but a blessing. Throwing jokes around with co-workers gets even funnier when theres no asshole boss telling you to shut the fuck up and get back to work... even if that asshole boss is me.

I wont get into more detail than that. But I send and open invitation to anyone who doesnt currently work a construction or trade related job to come to work for one day with me and work beside me. And if at the end of that day you can look me in the eye and tell me you feel no sense of achievement, then Ill concede maybe Im wrong.

Ill end this with some pictures of just a couple of the sites I have helped put together in the last couple years. I plan on taking pictures from now until I stop working of all my sites. And so:

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Penny Saved Is A Penny earned

Whoever coined that saying was so full of shit, I dont know how to end that thought. My guess is that they were either jewish or brown. Or both.

Did they not stop to think of the repercussions of their words? How could they not say to themselves 'would some moron with a hair shaver and an assload of time somehow misconstrue these words?"

I really wish they had. Because I take things to heart. Not all, I mean i never believed in how the Catholic church says not to eat meat on Fridays. As far as im concerned Im pretty sure God has better things to do than worry if the left over animal carcas in my fridge on Thursday gets put in my lunch the next day or not.

As I was saying though, some things I do take to heart. Like saving money. Yes I throw some of it away a little too easily, but if I can pinch a penny on one side I will. And what better way to save $20 than cut your own hair? It grows back so no fuck up is permanent. Unfortunately the fuck up is still there.

We all know Im a moron. Its no big secret, and no stupid thing I do should come as a surprise. I bought a new hair trimmer after the old one died. I never once did a horrible job cutting my own hair, but wow I really went for the gold in the retard Olmpics this time.

It would seem there are some variations between trimmers. And God I hope this is somwhat fixable. Or ya'll can call me Cletus. Hyuck hyuck.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Its odd that I find myself still awake at twenty after ten at night on a work night.
Whats even more odd is that Im blogging.
3 straight days, a new personal record. Wooo.
I have to be honest, when I used to write on here itd be with the hope that lots of people would read it, comment on it, and tell me how good it was.
And now Im realizing I want to do it for me.
And if others happen to find this particular blog of mine, and read it and take something from it, then thats just awesome.
If not a single person other than myself happens to read this, I couldnt care less.
I suppose you could say that this is an evolutionary step in my blog.
Darwin said that evolution was the process by which life adapts to survive.
Well this blog hardly needs a reason to survive, other than to give me a means by which to get my thoughts out of my head.
So I am no longer going to take 4 months between posts.
And they will no longer be exclusively sad, depressing, thoughtful or even insightful.
I'm going in a new direction with this whole thing.
I'm going to write what is on my mind, whether it be funny, biased, angering(is that even a word?), racist or not even politically correct.
Its about time I let my creative mind free, and not worry what one person might not like about it.
As Samuel L. Jackson said in Jurassic Park, 'Hold on to your butts.'
*Insert enlightening music here*

Monday, August 06, 2007

An Open Suggestion

To all those fake people in todays world.
To all those who purposely and inadvertantly on purpose hurt others.
To all those who lie, cheat and deceive for personal gain.
To all those who think theyre so much better than everyone else.
To all those who turn their backs on someone in need.
To all those who ignore a friendly hello.
To all those who choose not to listen to their conscience.
To all those cold, unremorseful assholes.
To all those who leave people behind.
To all those who use and abuse.
To all those who just really dont care about anything.
To all those who are too busy to stop thinking about themselves.
Do all the rest of us a favor:
Go Fuck Yourselves.