Thursday, August 09, 2007


Its odd that I find myself still awake at twenty after ten at night on a work night.
Whats even more odd is that Im blogging.
3 straight days, a new personal record. Wooo.
I have to be honest, when I used to write on here itd be with the hope that lots of people would read it, comment on it, and tell me how good it was.
And now Im realizing I want to do it for me.
And if others happen to find this particular blog of mine, and read it and take something from it, then thats just awesome.
If not a single person other than myself happens to read this, I couldnt care less.
I suppose you could say that this is an evolutionary step in my blog.
Darwin said that evolution was the process by which life adapts to survive.
Well this blog hardly needs a reason to survive, other than to give me a means by which to get my thoughts out of my head.
So I am no longer going to take 4 months between posts.
And they will no longer be exclusively sad, depressing, thoughtful or even insightful.
I'm going in a new direction with this whole thing.
I'm going to write what is on my mind, whether it be funny, biased, angering(is that even a word?), racist or not even politically correct.
Its about time I let my creative mind free, and not worry what one person might not like about it.
As Samuel L. Jackson said in Jurassic Park, 'Hold on to your butts.'
*Insert enlightening music here*

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