Monday, August 13, 2007

A Penny Saved Is A Penny earned

Whoever coined that saying was so full of shit, I dont know how to end that thought. My guess is that they were either jewish or brown. Or both.

Did they not stop to think of the repercussions of their words? How could they not say to themselves 'would some moron with a hair shaver and an assload of time somehow misconstrue these words?"

I really wish they had. Because I take things to heart. Not all, I mean i never believed in how the Catholic church says not to eat meat on Fridays. As far as im concerned Im pretty sure God has better things to do than worry if the left over animal carcas in my fridge on Thursday gets put in my lunch the next day or not.

As I was saying though, some things I do take to heart. Like saving money. Yes I throw some of it away a little too easily, but if I can pinch a penny on one side I will. And what better way to save $20 than cut your own hair? It grows back so no fuck up is permanent. Unfortunately the fuck up is still there.

We all know Im a moron. Its no big secret, and no stupid thing I do should come as a surprise. I bought a new hair trimmer after the old one died. I never once did a horrible job cutting my own hair, but wow I really went for the gold in the retard Olmpics this time.

It would seem there are some variations between trimmers. And God I hope this is somwhat fixable. Or ya'll can call me Cletus. Hyuck hyuck.

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