Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chuck Norris, Eat Your Heart Out


Thats what your most likely to hear coming out of my mouth on UFC Fight Night. Or any guy for that matter.

What is it about watching two guys go after each other and kick the living shit out of the other, that arouses such a primal instinct? Fuck thats easy: blood and pain baby!!!

You dont even need to see the result of this knee to the head. I can tell you right now without having ever seen this fight. Buddy got knocked the fuck out!

Guys who are in peak physical condition, who have been taught the physics behind their shots. Its no longer wild punches kicks or chokes. The guys have been shown videos, graphics and animations of how to maximize force and accuracy. Its like watching two human tanks go toe to toe for 5 rounds with almost no holds barred. *drool*

And even if theyre only in it for the money, who cares?! If buddy wants to step in a ring with some other freak of nature lay down take a few round house kicks to the chops. am I goign to feel sorry for him? Fuuuuuuck no!

For all of us in this world who have more testosterone in our bodies than anything else, you know us manly men (and some women I learned on saturday night) we can take no greater satisfaction than a night of beer, pizza and legal assaults showcased for millions on tv.

So if you're wondering where I'll be on Saturday night, and what it is I'll be doing you can find me at a local bar or pub or peelers, or any place they sell alcohol and food. And I'll be the guy parked in front of the big screen, with a beer in each hand, sloshed, and yelling ' RIP HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF!!'

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