Monday, September 03, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I'll make no attempt to hide what is the obvious: this post will be completely biased.

Why do you ask?

Because in this case bias is fact.

A recent survey, one of just many, has put Vancouver in first place among the most popular and most livable cities in the world.

Heres one reason why:
I realize that every survey is different and not all will put our fair city at the top.

But it is always in the top 10 or 15.

Im not going to get into the nightlife, shopping or cultural aspect of things.

Those never were, arent currently and never will be my fortes.

Im talking about the scenic and natural aspect.

Where else in the world are you a 30 minute drive from wilderness so remote and rugged that a wrong move, or bad decision warrants search and rescue?

So now there are probably many your coming up with.

In which case Ill throw this at you: Where else do you have the decision whether to go to a beach on the ocean in the morning, followed by hiking in world class mountains in the afternoon?

Anyone who has read this blog at length, or who has known me to any extent, will know my affinity for nature and especially mountains.

Well yesterday I went for a hike on Mount Seymour.

Literally a half hour from Downtown Vancouver.

I can't explain what it is about this city and its surroundings that makes me feel so strongly for it.

But when I can stand on the top of a mountain and look down and see my whole city splayed out before me... I can't help but feel this is the only place I will ever feel complete.

It doesnt matter where I am, or at what particular time.

There is always something that will catch my eye, and make me love it even more.

I could not live anywhere else in the world.

Nowhere comes even remotely close in comparison.

And if there is a place, keep it to yourself.

It will only fall on deaf ears.

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