Monday, October 01, 2007

Love Is In The Air... Sort Of

She's in love with me.

I know it.


Its in the way she looks at me.

That longing, pleading look in her eyes.

How she got all done up for me.

Her hair a flowing river of red passionate fire.

Her soft skin brushed ever so slightly to make it perfect.

Her clothing selected to entice me.

She got ready to impress me.

Her gaze follows me everywhere I go.

All day long, never once leaving me.

As if she thinks I dont notice her.

And maybe thats her plan.

Not to be coy about it.

But to proclaim her love for me, while never shouting it.

She may as well though.

Because I know better.

And I love her too.

Shes gorgeous.

Sorry babe.

But theres a new woman in my life.

And she works at a bus stop.

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