Sunday, March 30, 2008


We can see in many ways.
Through our eyes.
Our minds.
Our hearts.
But which vision can you trust?

Your eyes can only see what is physically there.
Outward beauty or ugliness.
Perfection or defection.
Visible and clear or obscured and illusioned.

We trust what our eyes see because they show us a real world.

However, what the eyes have seen the mind must interpret.

Our mind shows us a hidden world.
Of truth and sincerity or lies and deceit.
Present or past or future.
Opinion and bias or fact and proof.

We trust what our mind sees because we process and rationalize.

But what the mind has interpreted the heart must accept.

Our heart sees our deepest emotions.
Love or hatred.
Good or evil.
Desire and lust or contempt and disgust.

We trust what our heart sees because our emotion compells us to.

And it is usually the heart that wins.
Because our human nature is driven by our emotion.
But sometimes the heart is wrong.
Even if it knows what it wants.
It clouds our judgement, impairs the other lines of sight.
And we end up missing whats right in front of us.

And I thank God that all my eyes were opened.
And I saw you standing there.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oooh, Scaaary.

Whats it mean when you and your significant other have the same dream?


Does it mean we're psychotically connected?

Do we have ESPN?

How about if in this dream I propose?

Should I go out and buy a ring because my subconcious is aware of something I'm not?

Is it time to move out and set up the house?

I am tweeked on a level I have never known before.

Am I safely alone in my thoughts now?

Or do I need to invest in a mental blockade of some sort?

I suppose I could wear my hard hat everywhere.

If it can keep stuff off, it should keep stuff in... makes sense to me.

Im scared to dream now.


This is too much. I went down for breakfast. My mom had the same fucking dream. Im terrified. Jesus Christ.