Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time Flies.

1 Year.
12 Months.
52 Weeks.
365 Days.
8760 Hours.
525,600 Minutes.

It doesn't matter how I break it down,
It still went by in a flash.

Happy One Year Marlee.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Long For Home.

The days go by faster and he doesn't take notice.

There is no time to pause and reflect.

With all the work, here and now is where he is stuck.

But he can feel the emptiness deep inside.

Home beckons to him everyday.

And every night before he closes the door on another day, he can see it.

Crystal clear images flood his mind.

The neighbourhood where the happiest days of his childhood took place.

No fences up to keep him from where he wants to go.

His backyard goes as far as his imagination can take him.

But his house will always be there for when he gets back.

Inside of its walls he feels comfort and warmth.

And when the sun comes up every morning, he opens the door to greet a fresh world.

The sweet aromas of Mother Nature's most natural bouquet fill his head.

And he doesn't realize that he yearns to see it that much more every day.

To reconnect body, mind and soul with the only place he will ever feel he belongs.

A little more each day.

He longs for home.