Monday, August 25, 2008

Man's Best Friend.

I'll be blunt...
I have a good life.
A big family who I love spending time with.
A good job that keeps me busy, healthy and pays the bills.
A girlfriend who I love and am one day going to marry.
But there's something missing.
And it has been missing my entire life.
I can honsetly say I have never wanted something more.
Because some things are out of your control.
So you can't force your hand.
Some things you can control,
But you can't force your hand.
I want a dog.
A german shepherd to be exact.
Im excited at the prospect of moving out.
Getting married and doing all that great stuff.
And right up there with getting married is getting a dog.
I don't know what I'd call my dog.
It would depend on his personality.
But I can no longer look at other people with dogs.
It kills me.
It leaves me feeling like I only have one hole left to fill in my life.
Ok well maybe two, the other being a family of my own.
But that can wait.
I want a german shepherd.

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