Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Same Band- New Respect.

My hands-down number one "no-one-comes-close" favorite band.
I've loved them for years.
Their sound is unique.
Aaron Lewis has an absolutely amazing voice.
And they dont prance around as if they were God's gift to the world.

Me and Marlee went to see them last night.
Words cannot explain how I felt.
It was all my favorite songs, played live and loud.
It was honestly a defining moment for me.
Years of admiration for their music finally experienced in the flesh.
I didn't want it to end.
I could have stayed there and listened to them play the rest of the night.

I will never forget that performance.
It was all I expected and more.
They ended the show by thanking all their fans.
They said they were honored to have played for us.
What other band does that?
Is that humble and down to earth?
I can't think of one.
And for that I have a whole new respect for them.
For being real people.
Not drugged up rock faggots.
Thank you Staind for a performance that will not soon be topped.

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