Thursday, July 30, 2009

Month Two.

So month two is in the books.

And it was admittedly nowhere near as good as month one.

Like as in another galaxy.

I can probably count my work outs on two hands.

Yeah, that bad.

But I end on a high note.

And start next month rededicated.

Fuck yeah!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rejuvenation---> Rededication

I have returned from a self-imposed hiatus.
I come back a stronger person.
Happy, well rested and inspired.
I have goals to achieve now.
Real ones that I have set out to reach.
And come hell or high water, I will get there.

1) I plan on moving out in 9 months and under.
Its about fucking time.
I'm 23 and own my own house.
I need to have my own space.
I need to have the independance I've yearned for for years.
I need to learn to be responsible for me,
Before I can say I know can be responsible for others.

2) Take 4-6 weeks off work, and drive around BC and photograph the hell out of it.
This will play out over a much longer period of time.
I need to buy a few more good lenses.
Those cost a lot of money.
I need to acrue a lot of accessories:
Batteries, remotes, CF cards, hoods, etc.
But to go any further without doing this will not go over well.
I love this province.
The good, the bad and everything in between.
I want to capture it in my own way.

I leave you now with a few photos from my week away:

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Long Live Canada.

Have fun celebrating for the greatest nation on earth.
Nowhere else are they as lucky as us.
To have the beauty and freedom we enjoy here.

Happy Canada Day.