Thursday, November 05, 2009


Isn't it funny how we as people can't seem to let ourselves be happy?
The more I look, listen and read,
the more I come to realize a lot of us shoot ourselves in the foot.
I'm a prime example.
For some fucking reason, every time I find myself in a good place,
I do something to blow it up.

I've read many blogs in the last few days,
mainly because I'm bored as shit.
I have picked out a common theme:
Unhappiness/ dissatisfaction.
Almost bordering on unfulfilment.

Are we that fickle?
Do we really require that much in our lives?
Why is it the simple pleasures are no longer enough?

I fall into that trap all too often.
I get too caught up in trying to keep pace with a society in fast forward.
I lose my perspective on the little things that bring a smile to my face.
At my core I am an extreme simpleton.
So all this hustle and bustle,
this need to constantly have more, do more, be more,
makes me miserable.

So my advice to myself, and anyone else who cares to listen is this:
Stop trying to keep up with everything else.
Put the gun down,
and let yourself enjoy life.

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