Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

What Are We Becoming?

There is so much about this commercial that pisses me off.
Lets start with her comment of "only $100."
Since when is $100 followed by the word only.
Especially for a pair of jeans?
Are they the world's greatest pair of fucking jeans?
I highly doubt it.

Now let's assume this girl is say, 12 years old.
When I was 12, $10 was a big wad of cash.
$100 was like being a millionaire.
Yet to her, pfffft, $100?
Petty cash.
$100, to me, is still now a large chunk of change, that really needs validation to spend.

The next part is her attitude to wearing a second-hand pair of jeans.
The disgrace, shock and horror of it all!
Imagine, having to wear a perfectly good pair of jeans, with no defects whatsoever, that have been worn by one other person!
Blasphemy I say!!!
I can remember wearing clothes that were worn by no less than 5 of my cousins before they got passed down to me, before being passed on to my brother.
But no, not this girl.
What was her mother thinking when she washed that stain out?
Doesn't she know the economy needs stimulating?

Now I'm fully aware I have aimed this rant at that little girl.
I'm equally aware she's reading a script.
But what does it say when marketers are targeting a young audience with this type of attitude towards consumerism?
What kind of pretentious, greedy and morally corrupt generation are we raising?

It's this kind of shit that really makes me feel sorry for humanity heading forward.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It doesn't matter to me that I'm somewhat drunk as I write this.
It doesn't matter to me that someone might be reading this.

I feel broken.
Like the best of me is lost.
Gone for no one to find.

Fucking broken.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

FB = Fucking Bye!

My grasp on dates is a little fuzzy,
but I think it has now been 9 days.
I made the decision to deactivate my FB account.

And while, yes, I have gone through the expected withdrawal symptoms
(e.g: wondering whats happening that I dont know about, even though it doesn't concern me),
I am slowly pushing past it.
I find myself actively pursuing social interactions that don't happen in front of a screen.
For the first time in months I went and took photos yesterday,
and am going again today.
Ditto next weekend on Sunday and Monday.

Deleting Facebook may turn out to be one of the smartest decisions I ever made.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


These days are as troubling as any I've experienced.
Work is as stressful as ever, if not more so.
Just when I thought my learning curve was beginning to level out,
new twists and turns, curves and bends are in front of me.

And it's not that I'm afraid of the possibilities and responsibilities that await me.
I've learned I can handle most anything put in front of me.
My drive and determination will see me through even the toughest of spots.

No, what my problem is right now, is trying to figure out exactly what I want.
Do I want to end up like an uncle who has absolutely no life outside of work?
Worse yet, end up with no life and no family of my own?
Fuck no.

Do I want to give up control of something with such astounding potential to generate for the future because I don't want the burden?
Hell no.

So how the hell do I find the middle ground?
For someone who has never been good at balance,
how do I achieve it?
I haven't been out to take pictures in forever.
And it makes me feel ill.
To know that I devote so much time and energy to a job I love,
but that takes away from my ability to lead a truly fulfilled life.

Without my constant attention time and money will be wasted,
and I lose sleep knowing that.
Yet I feel just as physically ill not being able to have any time to myself.

How do I approach the road ahead?
With so many variables,
I simply don't know which way I want to go.
Today can be one way, tomorrow another.

For as great as it is to have so many doors open to you,
it only provides constant mental fatigue.

I was born into a tough family.
I have been forged in the crucible of the construction industry.

Yet even I am starting to crack.